New home starts in New England are more likely to be served by private wells and septic systems than new home starts anywhere else in the nation.

According to an NAHB analysis of data gathered by the Survey of Construction (SOC), fewer than 9% of new homes nationwide are served by private wells, and fewer than 16% have private septic systems.

Averages across the nine Census regions vary much more widely. Only 2% of new homes in the West and East South Central regions are not served by a public water system. In contrast, 39% of new homes in the New England census region have private wells, and 47% have private septic systems. The East North Central and Middle Atlantic regions also have high shares of single-family home starts built on individual wells, at 26% and 12% respectively, and 42% of homes built in the East South Central region have private septic systems.

New England’s new homes are built on the country’s largest lots, and are more likely than homes in other regions to be custom-built, according to Natalia Siniavskaia of the NAHB.

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