BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. (Inman News Features) - Pulte Homes announced yesterday it has combined two operating entities in Mexico into one company, Pulte Mexico. Pulte Homes' partners in its previous Condak-Pulte and DRT-Pulte joint ventures in Mexico remain shareholders of the new company with Pulte Homes owning a majority interest.

"The new structure allows improved internal efficiencies through standardized systems and procedures and deployment of operational best practices," said Pulte International, Mexico President Bill Crombie.

The new organizational structure won?t materially affect Pulte's investment in the region, according to the company. But Mexico operations now will be reflected in detail on the company's consolidated financial results.

"The new structure enables us to take full advantage of our size as well as maximize our relationships with government agencies and national funding entities," said Crombie.

Pulte Homes has operations in 44 markets in the United States, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The company entered Mexico in 1994 and delivered more than 25,000 homes in that country in the past six years, including more than 7,700 homes in 2000.