We've all had experiences as consumers where the quality of a product does not live up to our expectations. When it's a new product experience it's bad and probably chalked up to trial-and-error. But it's even worse when a brand or product type that we've come to know and trust falls short. Sometimes the makers of our favorite brands simply lose control of quality.

This issue is not limited only to retail consumer goods and services—it can happen in our industry, too. Certainly none of us in the home building industry want our customers to lose trust in our brand or the promise that stands behind it. It's important to continue to bring your current successful products to the market while guaranteeing the highest quality throughout the supply chain. You think it's expensive to acquire a new customer? Consider this: reacquiring a lost customer costs three to five times more. Fortunately, Home Innovation has several ways to help you maintain superior quality.

NGBS Green Certified Homes

For builders, one of our most accessible and affordable quality management services is the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certified program (www.HomeInnovation.com/Green). Most builders believe that consumers value the benefits that accrue with green homes. We also know that 71% of NGBS Green Certified home buyers surveyed reported that they believe green homes are, overall, of higher quality than non-green, code-minimum homes—and 94% of those home buyers would recommend an NGBS Green Certified home.

For a home to successfully attain NGBS Green certification, the builder and all of the trades must embed green, high-performance building practices into the design, site development, and construction processes. Every NGBS Green home is subject to two independent, third-party verifications, which ensure a high level of rigor and quality assurance to the green projects that are certified.

Home Innovation Quality Certified

Another service available for builders, trade contractors, or suppliers is the Home Innovation Quality Certified program (www.HomeInnovation.com/QualityCertified). To be eligible, a building company must have developed and implemented a formal quality management system that meets our Quality Certified Builder requirements. Similarly, trade contractors who wish to receive the Home Innovation Quality Certified mark must have developed and implemented a formal quality management system that meets either the Quality Certified Trade Contractor or Quality Certified Service Provider requirements. Participants in these programs routinely report increased customer satisfaction, reduced callbacks, and improved construction quality.

Custom Quality Management Consulting

Construction is a one-of-a-kind production. It's the fabrication and assembly of a highly complex product, involving dozens of independent businesses having the potential to affect your product's performance. These factors and others make it more difficult for builders and building product suppliers to manage quality and costs. Your reputation (and your bottom line) depend on you getting all these independent businesses coordinated to build it right the first time—every time.

Besides our certification program, Home Innovation quality experts are available to help builders, trade contractors, and suppliers create practical quality management systems designed for each trade. We'll work with you to develop job ready/job complete standards for managing the hand-off from one trade professional to another—permanent solutions to recurring "hot spots," designed to eliminate the key systemic issues that compromise quality.

Don't leave the quality of your product and the long-term trust of your customers to chance. Let Home Innovation help you build a quality system that will safeguard your hard-earned reputation.