Calculatedrisk's Bill McBride reports selected operating statistics from large, publicly-traded home builders for the quarter ending March 31 from housing economist Tom Lawler:

Here a few (of what could be many) points.

1. In terms of units, 27% of D.R. Horton’s net orders last quarter were from its “entry level” Express brand, up from 18% in the first quarter of last year. Express comprised 23% of Horton’s deliveries last quarter, up from 8% a year earlier.

2. Both Meritage Homes and MDC Holdings said that they either had or were to planning to increase production of lower priced homes (“entry-level-plus” in Mertigage’s case, and their “new, more affordable product line” in MDC’s case.

Click below to access a chart incorporating selected stats from nine public home builders.

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