Digital deliverance from the error-and-waste filled world of paper workstreams and offline notes is a learned skill, and it starts with the basics of vernacular that enable you to get on the same page as those working in building information modeling.

An initiative aimed to help BIM newbies overseas get ready for a wide-scoped embrace of a BIM requirement has resulted in this list of 15 must-know terms that serve as a basis for at least a rudimentary understanding of the process.

An illustration from Autodesk.
An illustration from Autodesk.

Here's a couple of examples from the list:

1. BIM Protocol:- a legal agreement that keeps everything on a BIM project moving smoothly. It is the creation of an infrastructure whereby different parties appointed by an employer are encouraged to share digital information.

2. Employers Information Requirements (EIR):- Tenders and Documents for Governance. Specifically:- Technical Requirements, Managerial Requirements and Commercial Requirements

3. Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP):-

This includes deliverables like:

  • Models, drawings or renderings
  • Specifications
  • Equipment
  • Schedules
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