A report from Radio Free Asia alleges that project managers in Pyonyang are supplying their exhausted workforce with the methamphetamine called 'ice.' Co.Design staffer John Brownlee reports on the report, which is anonymously sourced, and points out that while the drug does have the effects of hyperactivity and increased movement, it also causes gastro-intestinal distress, dizziness, and blurred vision.

Project managers are apparently willing to take this risk to hasten completion of Ryomyung Street (referred to as Pyonghattan):

...a massive initiative by the North Korean government to open up to 60 new buildings as a symbolic rebuke to international sanctions relating to the regime's ongoing nuclear weapon tests. Although "hundreds of thousands of workers" have allegedly been brought in to complete the initiative, it looks as if officials will be hard-pressed to finish the work before the cold season starts later this year.

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