In North Carolina, local home builder Deltec Homes is opening its net-zero energy model home.

The home starts at $286,000, but it doesn't include land, water, sewer or upgrades like a metal roof. Steen Linton of Deltec Homes says those additional fees are like buying your energy needs up front, which saves roughly $1,600 per year.

Deltec Homes focused heavily on reducing energy waste by incorporating south-facing overhangs to shade from the summer sun and heat from the winter sun. They also used special insulation and dealing, a ductless heating and cooling system and a water heater that draws energy from the air. The home also comes with an iPad located near the front door that indicates the energy efficiency of the home using a home energy management system.

"Our role in all this is to provide a tangible way to make a difference for whatever reason people want to make a difference," Linton said. "I think at the end of the day, everybody regardless of their ideology wants the world to be a better place for their grandkids."

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