New York City will fail to meet Mayor Bill de Blasio’s promised "Build It Back" deadline of rebuilding thousands of homes wrecked by Hurricane Sandy. The mayor had originally promised to have the work complete by the end of this year, but not all homes will have construction finished by then, and some will not even have it started, according to JLC's Ted Cushman.

De Blasio did not set a new deadline to finish the troubled, over-budget program, which had not started work on a single home when he took office. He had promised when he announced an overhaul of the program last year to wrap it up in 2016 but has had to back out of that guarantee.

“We will fall short of that goal, for which my team and I take personal responsibility,” de Blasio wrote in a message to New Yorkers issued with the report. Among those single-family homes where the city is managing construction, 75% will be done by the end of the year, the report says. Other categories of buildings are further behind.

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