Nothing stands still for long, including Home Innovation Research Labs. As the residential building industry evolves, so, too, do our Builder and Consumer Practices Report offerings to meet the changing information needs within the industry.

Here are some highlights from a few of our most recent additions to the annual product usage reports:

The new Housewrap and Siding Underlayment report for remodeling shows that 62% of all siding installed on existing homes has a layer of housewrap beneath it; 47% has a layer of foam sheathing or fanfold underlayment.

From our new Plumbing Piping report for hot and cold water distribution in residential remodeling, CPVC was reported to be the most common piping in 2014 for both whole-house replacement and piping to new fixtures, followed by copper, then PEX. However, PEX showed the fastest year-over-year growth.

From the new Home Mechanical Ventilation report for new construction, we found 27% of all new homes in 2014 had whole-house ventilation systems. Most were direct air exchange systems, and only a third incorporated a heat- or energy-recovery device. This study also revealed that about 80% of kitchens were vented to the exterior of the home; about half of new homes had an under-counter range hood; and about a quarter had a microwave ventilator combo over the range.

There are our new Brand Reports, too. These indicate the top-selling brands in new homes and remodeling for many building product categories.

You can find a complete list of Home Innovation's New Construction and Residential Remodeling reports online (, along with sample reports. If you don't see your product category, let us know—we are always on the lookout for our next evolution in data gathering to meet building product manufacturer, association, and other industry needs.