About 5,000 properties were badly damaged by at least seven tornadoes that tore through parts of New Orleans on Tuesday. Many residents spent the night in shelters and returned to their neighborhoods to assess the damage, reports NPR.

Some residents reported caved-in ceilings and severe water damage. Tornadoes also touched down in Livingston Parish, near Baton Rouge and near four other southeastern Louisiana communities.

It was a familiar scene for many in New Orleans East, part of the city's Ninth Ward.

"As helicopters hovered overhead and emergency response vehicles streamed into neighborhoods, it reminded them of [Hurricane] Katrina," reported Tegan Wendland of member station WWNO in New Orleans. "The area was hit hard by that storm, and now many families will have to rebuild again."

"This house looks like it belongs in a Third World country somewhere. If you was to walk through and walk around, you would think a bomb went off," Terry Eubanks told Wendland, standing outside her apartment. Eubanks was at the nail salon when the storm hit. Her apartment was completely destroyed.

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