At a time when states including Massachusetts and Nevada are facing limits as to how much solar power they can force their utilities to accept, the governor of New Hampshire signed a new law that raises the cap on solar power net metering.

With this new bill in effect, residential and commercial solar power generators can sell up to 100MW of energy back to the grid, doubled from the existing 50MW cap. The bill also contained a provision requiring the New Hampshire Public Utiltiies Commission to develop alternative net metering tariffs, with a deadline for the end of this year.

Regarding that second mandate in the bill, the Commission is considering the costs and benefits of customer-generated facilities, together with rate effects on all customers and whether there should be a limitation on the amount of generating capacity eligible for such tariffs, according to reported statements.

The bill directs that: “If any utility reaches any cap for net metering…before alternative tariffs are approved or adopted…customer-generators may continue to interconnect under temporary net metering tariffs under the same terms and conditions as net metering under the 100 MW cap, except that such customer-generators shall transition to alternative tariffs once they are approved or adopted for their utility…"

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