Through driving green building improvements, the U.S. Green Building Council and the Green Building Certification Institute have both gathered an endless amount of data on green-buiding data and energy performance. With that data, the GBCI is now rolling out its first energy benchmarking platform.

Released at Greenbuild in early October, Arc is a new tool that will measure buildings' energy performance against multiple green rating systems, benchmark energy against similar buildings, and identify opportunities for improvement.

LEED-certified buildings can use arc to improve and benchmark against other certified buildings around them. Buildings that have not certified yet will be able to use arc to make incremental sustainability improvements and eventually achieve LEED certification.

“The LEED rating system revolutionized the design, construction and operations of green buildings more than 16 years ago,” said Scot Horst, incoming CEO of arc. “Arc’s goal is to transform green performance technology and bring data, mobility and the most disruptive technologies available today to support a holistic approach to building our future. It will connect actions through a single platform that delivers a higher quality of life.”

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