Here's a list of the 10 most frequent construction defects in production housing, based on 100 lawsuits and the highest amounts paid out, either by settlement or at trial:

Window Failure -- Leaks around sill-jamb corners of aluminum windows; fogged dual-pane glass; vinyl windows with poorly designed weeps.

Concrete Slab Moisture -- Excessive capillary moisture through slab on-grade foundations due to drainage and landscape issues and/or poor-quality concrete.

Framing -- Missing structural hardware; incomplete nailing; and damage to structural shear panels.

Waterproofing -- Condominium podium deck and planter failures; basement and below-grade leaks; balcony failures.

Exterior Wall Leaks -- Intrusion at windows, doors, and vent/pipe flashings; missing building paper under vinyl and horizontal siding; gable end and fireplace leaks.

Foundations -- Soil-related issues such as subsidence, expansion, excessive groundwater, and undersized foundations.

Shower Waterproofing -- Failures in water-resistant gypsum board under tile and unsealed receptor pans.

Paper-Backed Lath -- Leaking and deterioration around windows due to complex design and installation.

Roofing -- Missing flashing at roof/wall intersections; leaks at pipe vents; improper ice dam protections.

Fire/Life Safety -- Breaches behind tubs and showers; design flaws in Type V one-hour-rated buildings; breaches in attics and one-hour assemblies.

Source: Quality Built

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