If you’re a stick builder and you have never given modular construction a second thought, Excel Homes is offering you a reason to rethink that position—make that 100,000 reasons.

The Camp Hill, Pa.-based modular company recently mailed out to 17,000 stick-builders and construction workers a promotion that offers them a chance to win $100,000 toward their first Excel modular home.

“This promotion is a great way to help builders construct a new spec home at a reduced cost to their business and attract new customers during this down market,” says Steve Scharnhorst, president of Excel Homes. ”They’ll also experience the quality, use, and value benefits of modular building and get hooked, just like we have.”

As part of the promotion, stick-builders and modular builders can visit www.isitmodular.com, where they will answer the question, "Which of these three homes is modular," by selecting one of three photos. “They get instant feedback telling them if they made the right choice,” as well as a short summation extolling the benefits of the modular construction system, Scharnhorst says. At the end of the test, builders will register for the raffle and a chance to win the money.

Modular industry executives such as Scharnhorst have long said that their prefab houses offer a wealth of benefits for conventional builders. They are often built faster than stick-built homes, and often better, Scharnhorst says. “It delivers a high-quality house at a reasonable cost.” With more controlled costs and a reduction in delays from weather and subcontractor schedules, modular homes can provide builders with a better value, the company says. As evidence of the technology's business viability, Scharnhorst says his company has been very busy in this down year and is ahead of its plan for the year in commercial and multi-family products. Excel was ranked sixth on the 2008 Builder 100  survey of top 30 modular and whole-house panel builders.

The promotion ends Sept. 30, and builders in Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia are eligible.

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