By Jill Ralph. Not unlike most states, mold is a problem in Texas. The Texas Association of Builders knows that this is not the only problems encountered in the home building industry. That is why they have agreed to work with legislators in crafting legislation to create the Texas Residential Construction Commission, which will be presented during the 2003 Texas Legislative Session.

The commission -- which will be comprised of nine members -- will include industry and public members and will be intended to aid in settling disputes between home builders and home buyers.

"Both the homeowner and home builder want to identify and resolve construction problems as quickly as possible, before they escalate," said Bob Garrett, a developer and builder based in Tyler, Texas. Garrett is the president of the Texas Association of Builders.

House Bill 730 also charges the commission with creating specific residential and construction warranty standards for builders to follow. Included in the proposed standards are specific recommendations for water intrusion and mold resistant construction practices. "These standards make builders accountable to homeowners and ensure that both parties' expectations match up," said Garrett.