Pete Sucheski

The New American Home, uses a single piping run for cold water and fire suppression, thanks to an amenable building department (per NFPA 13D requirements) and all-CPVC components with a compatible solvent cement joining system.

  1. Secure Connection With components made by the same manufacturer, the cold water (white) and fire suppression–rated (orange) pipes connect easily and securely. The orange line’s larger inside diameter delivers the hydraulics needed for today’s wider-coverage sprinkler heads.

  2. Fire Safety First A multipurpose system is driven by the needs of the fire suppression system with the cold water supply a secondary consideration. Water softeners, filters, and other add-ons to the potable water supply may need some massaging to be compatible.

  3. Cost Considerations Installing a single run of pipes instead of two is inherently cost-effective. That’s especially important for builders in jurisdictions that are adopting and enforcing residential fire sprinkler codes.

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