The City of Los Angeles launched its new transportation app today called Go LA that gives residents a one-stop shop for all their transportation information.

Xerox collaborated with the city on this new app to give users more information about the transportation choices they're making. For example, users can define their modes of transportation like car, rail, bike, and walk, and then see comparisons of routes and transportation by costs, time, distance, and even carbon emissions. In the future, the city would also like to include transactions on the app so users can book their tickets for rail if need be.

James Ayre writes for CleanTechnica that the city will also attempt to make use of the aggregate data:

The general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Seleta Reynolds, stated: “Our city has many centers. People are commuting in all directions at all times by many modes. Xerox’s work could help us learn where to improve infrastructure for people who walk, roll, bike, take transit, and drive — it’s invaluable insight to help make Los Angeles more livable and enjoyable.”

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