Pete Sucheski

To help builders meet more stringent energy codes and standards, engineered-framing suppliers have developed one-piece insulated structural headers that improve on piecemeal assemblies, making installation easy, and delivering superior thermal resistance and solid nailing surfaces.

  1. Flush Fit Sized to run flush to 2x6 wall framing, an engineered header also retains its shape in fluctuating climate conditions and with shifting foundations to ensure thermal values and proper load transfer and mitigate cracks at studwall connections.
  2. Stable Surfaces A 3 9/16- inch-thick structural member and a 7/16-inch-thick layer of OSB sandwich the insulation, providing structural stability and nailing surfaces for drywall and exterior sidewall sheathing and claddings.
  3. Core Component Securely laminated to the engineered-wood components on either side, the header’s insulating layer is a 1.5-inch-thick, glass-fiber–reinforced polyisocyanurate foam with a 1.0 mil. reflective aluminum foil face. By itself, the insulation achieves an R-9.8 thermal value.