Few studies have analyzed how Airbnb is truly affecting rents and sales prices in urban cores, but the few that have attempted to study it show the practice is raising both rents and purchase prices in common tourist areas.

Inside Airbnb, an organization that uses Airbnb's website data to analyze its market effect, put together a few maps for Business Insider that shows a closer look:

Of all London's Airbnb listings, 41% belong to hosts who are listing more than one rental,according to Inside Airbnb. That suggests those properties are being rented commercially on Airbnb, not by hosts who make an extra bit of cash while they are away on holiday. Obviously, those commercial listings remove rental units from the market that might otherwise be let to full-time residents of London.

The situation in Vancouver is even more extreme. There, roughly one-third (1,215) of the city's 3,473 Airbnb units in 2015 were controlled by 381 hosts — suggesting intense commercial usage of Airbnb, according to The Globe and Mail.

Airbnb, of course, doesn't want to be blamed for exacerbating affordable housing crises in cities around the world. It continues to make the case that it helps make living in city centers more affordable to owners who need the extra cash to make ends meet.

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