Hello world. 

That's digital development-speak for "we've got a new website." I speak for a talented and obsessively committed crew of content producers, engineers, market strategists, management decision-makers, and other colleagues at Hanley Wood as I say proudly "hello world" this morning.

This team and extended family at BUILDER today bring you a new website, one that, in every way, every moment, and every data point, is your site. What you have given BUILDER over the years is your trust that its knowledge base and its human network of leaders, experts, and creators will grow with time's constant challenges. What we're giving back is that trusted knowledge base in all the exciting and value-generating forms and expressions it can take.

What really changes with the new design is that the content flow is now truly real-time, putting your needs and opportunities first.
What we assume about you is that that action, decision, inspiration, and engagement motivate you—our BuilderOnline.com users—and we have simplified and revved up content, data, solutions, and community channels across both desktop and mobile platforms. 

Our navigation is streamlined and the search function into our deep trusted knowledge base is more powerful. With the experience of users as a central focus, we’re offering more video, more interactive visual info graphics, more access to more local knowledge, and more detail in our project images than ever. 

Here are highlights of the new features….

  • Our powerful, exclusive distributed knowledge base of real-time market analysts at Metrostudy gets elevated through home page, Local Leaders, and Local Housing Data interactive features
  • Our Pulse news-feed transforms into a real-time briefing on the home building ecosystem agenda
  • Our article pages marry image with context, commentary, and exclusive expert analysis
  • Our Firm pages include interactive functions that allow companies to post user-generated information and images
  • Our Builder 100 rankings have been re-mapped into a relational data base with the Firm Pages and Local Leaders pages
  • Our Voices section reflects a deepening commitment among a world-class team of industry experts to use our platform to create communities around constant improvement in the key functional areas
  • Our article pages recommend related content, and make comment and discussion much easier and more intuitive than before.

With users—the ecosystem of players, professionals, and partners in residential investment, housing development, design, building, planning, manufacturing, finance, materials distribution, information architecture, project management, consulting, regulatory approval and oversight, marketing, sales, real estate and property management,  talent and community relations—as the central focus, their use will provide the impetus of our content development, navigation, display, marketing, and socialization.
The new home building continuum--and the ecosystem of players, skill-sets, interests, and enthusiasms that orbit this continuum—draws entirely from four cornerstone needs: land, people, money, design.

These four foundational needs are the hubs of all user behavior on Builder Online. Just as the strike zone, and what happens there, is the “heart” of baseball, the heart of construction and the community of all of its players is the square foot.

The site is just out of the gate, and while it was important for us to draw a line in the sand and say "hello," in many ways it's a work in progress. I want you to let me know how we can keep retooling it so that it's working as you want it to. Are you having trouble finding something that you need? Is there an area that we're neglecting? Can we spark conversation on a topic area that you would get value from seeing conversation, or identify people who have solved some of the challenges that are showing up in your space? 

There's so much more we'll be doing over the next few days, weeks, and months, and we need to hear from you on where it's working and where it's falling short. We're not afraid of criticism or "disconfirmation" of our assumptions, so please let me hear from you. I'm at jmcmanus@hanleywood.com, and I'd love to take your suggestions.