The Orange County (Calif.) Register staffer Jonathan Lansner digs into the latest data that shows the Southern California county is tops in growth for construction jobs.

Analysis of federal jobs data by the Associated General Contractors of America shows Orange County construction bosses added 12,500 jobs in the 12 months ended in February, a 15% jump. That topped the national ranking for new jobs followed by New York City (up 11,900 jobs, or 9%); Westchester, N.Y. (up 7,800 jobs, or 23%); and Orlando (up 7,500 jobs, 13%).

California added 53,800 jobs, or 7.6%, in the year; Florida added 25,800 jobs, or 6.2%; New York added 19,100 jobs, or 5.5%; and Massachusetts added 14,600 jobs, or 11%. Conversely, energy-heavy North Dakota lost the most construction jobs in a year: 5,300 positions or 14.5%.

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