In the wake of high-skilled labor shortage, home builders are sparring with each other to attract more young people to the field as well as retain the top talent that they already got. It is very challenging, indeed. To better prepare builders for the war for talent, Construction Dive staffer Emily Peiffer speaks to top experts in the construction field and shares what she got from them. Peiffer writes,

In order to stand out from competitors and win what Brent Darnell called "the war for talent," construction companies need to take an introspective look at their recruiting and retention practices, according to experts at the convention.

Darnell — whose company Brent Darnell International teaches emotional intelligence to the AEC industry — and other panelists highlighted several ways for employers to find the best talent and create a highly engaged and happy workforce. They emphasized that if companies employ these practices and create a better environment for employees, those firms will be able to battle the negative effects of the worker shortage and take on more projects — and, in turn, increase profitability.

The five tips to attract and retain outstanding employees are:

  • Provide autonomy;
  • Improve diversity;
  • Encourage mastery;
  • Reinforce a sense of purpose;
  • Help improve the lives of employees.
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