home buyer preferences

While home shoppers tend to have a priorities list of things they want in a home, in order to buy one, they often have to make a few compromises.

Liz Alterman of Realtor outlines five such compromises: location, square footage, yard size, architecture, and the garage. Most agents says the first thing clients are willing to budge on is the location; however, they aren’t ecstatic about downsizing. Others imagine a huge backyard where they can have beautiful landscaping, which makes house hunters stubborn when it comes to the backyard.

“Whether it be the architectural style of the house or type of kitchen counters, those things are one of the first things mentioned when clients tell me what they want,” notes Amber Dolle, a Realtor in Sherman Oaks, CA. “But when compromises have to be made and they’ve had time to look at homes for a bit and consider their budget, the home’s aesthetics usually are the thing they choose to overlook.”

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