Sustainable architect Vincent Callebaut has a new vision for renovating Brussels' Botanic Center apartment block, a 1970s-era concrete structure says New Atlas writer Adam Williams. The concept will transform the building into an energy-producing and greenery-clad building, complete with a rooftop structure dubbed the Chrysalis, which will be made from timber and steel and could either serve as a retail, residential, commercial, or mixed-use space.

Around 274 planter beds filled with 10,000 plants will be installed around the existing exterior, and the plants will only require maintenance twice a year.

Sustainable technology rated for the project centers around a large solar panel array on the roof of the Chrysalis, which would combine with 42 wind turbines to produce an estimated 128,340 kWh/year. This, the architect says, could go toward covering the building's electricity needs. The project has been commissioned and is currently in the design phase.

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