It looks like drones are here to stay in the construction industry. A new survey from the NAHB shows 22% of single family home builders have used drones at least once, including times they hired a third party to do so. More so, 66% of these builders are aware the drones have been used on construction sites.

When asked if they were likely to use drones in construction business over the next three years, 30% of builders said likely or very likely while 38% not at all likely. But the larger the builder, the more likelier they are to use them.

Builder size matters when it comes to drone use. Whereas only 12 percent of builders with fewer than 6 units started in 2015 reported ever using a drone in their construction business, the share rises to 23 percent among those with 6 to 24 starts, 35 percent among those with 25 to 99 starts, and up to 43 percent of builders with 100 or more units started in 2015.

Likewise, the likelihood that builders will use drones in the next three years is also directly related to their size: only 13 percent of the smallest builders (fewer than 6 starts) say it is very likely they will be using unmanned aerial vehicles in the near future, compared to 18 percent of those with 6 to 24 starts, 29 percent of those with 25 to 99 starts, and 41 percent of the largest builders (100 or more starts).

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