With their expensive finishes inside and out, high-end homes can be big money-makers. But to work properly, a custom home’s costly exterior materials, such as concrete tile or traditional three-coat stucco, need professionally installed details.

Where a tile roof abuts a stucco wall, experienced builders install a thorough flashing system to make sure there won’t be any leaks. Water running down the surface of a stucco wall—or percolating through its porous cement mass—has to be directed out onto the surface of the rain-shedding tile. And under that tile, the roof needs complete protection—because tile typically won’t deflect all the water that hits the roof.

In this detail, custom-bent and soldered copper flashing, applied over a wood ledger, ties the weather-resistive building paper or housewrap under the wall stucco to the membrane and roofing underlayment that backs up the roof tile. This may not be the cheapest solution, but it’s sure to keep the rainwater out of the house and send it down to the ground where it belongs. —