Pete Sucheski

You don’t have to live in a high-wind or seismic-prone area to benefit from a continuous load path. Properly applying a variety of metal framing connectors from roof to foundation enhances the quality, durability, and energy efficiency of your homes and the safety of your buyers.

  • 1 Truss to Top Plate MTS12 metal straps are specifically designed to connect the trail of a roof rafter or plated truss to the top plate to mitigate truss uplift.
  • 2 At Openings Properly fastened, CS20 metal straps tie the header to the cripple stud and wrap the first king stud to the top plate to bolster a window or door opening against lateral and shear forces.
  • 3 Mudsill SP4 stud-to-bottom plate straps are rated for up to 110-mph wind speeds with 10d nails. Threaded holddowns can be spaced 4 feet, 6 inches along the mudsill, more than a foot wider than standard anchor bolts.