Builders need a reliable source of information to navigate the maze of environmental regulations they must comply with on any given job. That's why the EPA funded the Construction Industry Compliance Assistance Center, which has set up a Web site providing links to the most common construction-oriented environmental regulations.

Builders can use the site to find federal and state information on regulations for endangered species, hazardous and toxic waste, stormwater management, and wetlands. The site also has information on solid waste and air regulations.

In the future, the site also will feature a Compliance Summary link, an interactive tool that pinpoints which regulations builders should focus on. The tool sends back the compliance information after the builder tells the system the amount of land under construction, the type of job, and the potential impacts on the land or the environment.

The Web site launched in early May and was developed by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, which manages 13 EPA- funded compliance assistance centers for various industries, including agriculture, metal finishing, and transportation. Visit the site at