For those living in the Southern Plains region, tornadoes are a part of life. The region, after all, is known as “Tornado Alley”. It should come as no surprise then that many residents of Moore, Okla., which experienced a violent and deadly tornado last week, would elect to rebuild rather than uproot and move elsewhere.

Those in affected Oklahoma communities might be wise to take counsel from Hurricane Sandy victims, a few of whom have also been quick to offer suggestions on how to go about rebuilding. The biggest challenge residents may face is collecting on insurance policies and getting aid from the government.

The desire to stay in the community may make some residents consider building a safe room or storm shelter, but that’s no guarantee that homeowners will take the leap while rebuilding. Luckily, there are a number of state and federal programs designed to help homeowners finance such projects.

There are also different types of storm shelters that can be built. The shelters don’t necessarily have to be built underground either, they can be built in a basement or on the first floor of a home.

Keep in mind that these safe rooms can be built in any region, and prove useful for hurricane- prone geographies and coastal dwellings as well.