Local fire-blocking locations in a home, and why builders fail code inspection.

Tapping into a survey of code officials across the nation by the International Code Council and the National Association of Homebuilders, Journal of Light Construction researchers canvassed its own inspectors network and, here redlines 10 areas that continue to emerge as builder banes.

Wardell's "Top Ten Code Violations" lists the most common reasons that a builder or remodeler will fail inspection, starting with the simplest, which is not having all the required documents on site. From there, Wardell's analysis offers photos, diagrams, and details of the areas most prone to failure on site. He writes:

A lot of failed inspections could be avoided if builders actually read the manufacturers’ instructions and the documentation provided with the building permit. The time saved by not doing so can cost a lot more time later. As [ Glenn Mathewson, a Westminster, Colo. building official] put it: “It’s a lot easier to fix errors with a pencil than with a Sawzall or a sledgehammer.”

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