From FYI Network show, Tiny House Nation.
From FYI Network show, Tiny House Nation.

Tiny homes might appeal to buyers for their low cost and simple aesthetic, but actually building and living in one is tricky under U.S. law.

These homes are often too small to meet the minimum size requirements demanded by some building codes, including the International Residential Code, which requires a minimum of 70 feet in floor space. On top of that, if wheels are attached to a tiny home, it might be classified as an RV in certain jurisdictions.

In some cities, like Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, it's illegal to live in an RV full-time unless it’s parked in an official RV park. Even then a homeowner might need to get self-built RV certification, which is difficult.

Online tiny house advocacy groups advise potential residents to get to know their neighbors, because a complaint from them could result in code enforcement if they are parked on a property without official permission.

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