The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) announces the release of a new guide book designed to simplify and help builders understand the 2015 residential code.

Co-published by the NAHB and the International Code Council (ICC), the 2015 Home Builders’ Jobsite Codes: A Quick Guide to the 2015 International Residential Code provides answers to the most frequently asked residential construction job site code questions, such as those pertaining to fire safety, foundations, energy efficiency, and mechanical systems. It also covers the impact of the 2015 code changes on things such as common walls separating townhouses and remodeling an existing basement.

“This new guide to the 2015 International Residential Code is an excellent resource for building professionals to stay on top of the most recent code changes,” said NAHB Chairman Ed Brady, a home builder and developer from Bloomington, Ill. “Available both in a compact pocket guide, as well as in e-book, this easy-to-use reference guide is always one of our most top selling publications, as it is an invaluable asset on the job site.”

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