The Department of Energy predicts a total carbon pollution reduction of 841 metric tons between 2010 and 2040, given consistent code updates and adoption.

In a new report on the potential national impact of energy code updates, the Department of Energy predicts that modest building code updates and historically consistent code adoption across the nation could save consumers $126 billion in utility bills and reduce carbon pollution by 841 million metric tons between 2010 and 2040. This amounts to a total energy savings of 13 quads (quadrillion BTUs).

In response to this information, and in the wake of the upcoming International Code Council annual conference and public comment hearings, the National Resource Defense Council’s Lauren Urbanek urges code officials to vote on energy-saving proposals.

The first step to achieve the important savings outlined in the DOE report is to have a model 2018 code that is more efficient than the 2015 code, and that’s what NRDC will be advocating for at this week’s hearings. Local code officials are critical partners in fully realizing the energy, dollar, and climate pollution savings potential of strong building energy codes—this is a space where every vote really does count!

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