Want to break the world's record for building a house? The members of the Tyler Area Builders Association in Tyler, Texas, are the guys to beat at 2:52:29. Before you get cocky and think, “We can top that,” consider this: That time includes pouring the foundation, landscaping, and issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The three-bedroom, two-bath house has 2,249 square feet under roof (1,637 heated and cooled) with a two-car garage. And only the trusses were pre-built, says Brian Conaway, president of the Tyler Area Builders Association and chairman of the event.

The house wouldn't have been possible without a host of volunteers and sponsors, including McCoy's Lumber and Transit Mix Concrete, which developed a mix for the foundation that could be built on in 30 minutes.

“We were either going to go down in history or go down in flames,” Conaway says. “Everybody said this was impossible. We blew so many minds.”

The proceeds from the sale of both the record-breaking house and a practice house will be donated to charity.

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