Today the White House announced city and state governments, businesses, and utilities have committed to providing energy data to building owners so they can make informed decisions about energy efficiencies.

By 2017, 18 utilities have agreed to share customers' energy data for entire buildings. The Department of Energy will also be collaborating with 12 cities and states to streamline and systematize the large amounts of energy data on their buildings.

The actions announced today build on commitments made by 285 organizations representing nearly 4 billion square feet since the Administration launched the President’s Better Building program in 2011. The program’s mission is to partner with the Energy Department to improve energy efficiency 20 percent by 2020, and share successful strategies that maximize efficiency deployment over the next decade. These new commitments from cities, school districts, and businesses like Nike and Wendy’s will help cut waste in our buildings, saving energy and money and reducing pollution.

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