Developers in Chicago have been hard at work developing neighborhoods like Fulton Market and River North in the last 15 years, but as these areas move from 'up and coming' to 'have arrived' developers are setting their sites slightly north to places like Goose Island.

The old industrial island is best known for the brewery that takes its name from the man-made island, but new businesses are moving in, like Global Innovation Center, UI Labs Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute. Curbed Chicago spoke with Matt Garrison of R2 Companies, a developer with several office projects underway in the area.

Garrison attributes much of the development to the old industrial buildings that are in trend right now, as well as the expansive space where businesses can create horizontal campuses as opposed to dense, vertical ones. It's also one of the only spaces that includes these larger campuses with smaller, historic buildings - a balance that creates an attractive contrast.

"This mix is an important urban planning principle, and a major factor when we seek out up and coming neighborhoods. In terms of large-scale adaptive reuse opportunities, there is a limited supply and a lot of demand in the developer sub markets, so the footprint will continue to expand. We believe Goose Island buildings are some of the most unique and best located remaining opportunities for adaptive reuse in Chicago," says Garrison.

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