If you're looking to build near the a great transit hub to attract commuters heading to work everyday, look no further than AllTransit to compare locations.

The new tool was released online this week from a team behind the nonprofit research centers Center for Neighborhood Technology and TransitCenter. Teams at the firms combined data from 805 agencies, 543,787 stop locations, and 15,070 routes across the country to determine where the best public transit is in the U.S.

In this piece for Wired, writer Aarian Marshall dives into the data trove behind AllTransit and tells us what it's like.

AllTransit promises to assess the quality of transit in your neighborhood—or your congressional district, or your city, or your region, or your state. Plugging any of these into the tool and you get an “AllTransit Performance Score” on a ten-point scale. The score rewards places where transit connects lots of households to lots of jobs, where buses and trains come frequently, and where high shares of commuters use transit to get to work.

That’s just the beginning: You can use AllTransit’s many, many tabs to evaluate local transit by health, economy, mobility, or equity measures, like how many residents live within a half mile of transit, or whether bike share connects to existing bus routes and rail lines.

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