cross-referenced its own predictions with U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data to compile its list of the "8 Hottest Jobs of 2014," where carpenters and electricians nabbed the No. 5 spot.

In the coming year, increased labor demand for these two professions in new construction and remodels will make carpenters and electricians more valuable, although labor shortages in other construction jobs are still an outstanding concern for the housing recovery.

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Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.18.02 AM's median annual salaries are prepared using "Certified Compensation Professionals' analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries, and geographies," according to the site. If its outlook predictions for 2014 are correct, then we could hypothesize that the median salary for electricians and carpenters would increase in 2014—but that could be wishful thinking.