Canada's overheated housing market is making many of America's neighbors reconsider moving. Instead, Canadians would rather remodel their home than find a new one. In fact, Canada's home renovations and repairs are exceeding new home construction reports Tess Kalinowski at The Toronto Star. Renovation is expected to increase in 2017.

There are about 190 general renovators among about 1,500 members of BILD [Building Industry and Land Development Association], including suppliers, trades, builders and financial professionals.

The trend in renovations is to bigger jobs such as building an addition on the back of a home or putting another story on a bungalow. Those can be a much longer process because many municipal planning departments are inundated with permit applications, he said.

"Usually when you get a building permit that will entail at least two other permits — plumbing and HVAC (for example)," said [Jon-Carlos] Tsilfidis [from Fairside Homes and outgoing chair of the Renovator and Custom Council of the BILD].

How long a home owner waits for work to begin depends on where they live and the scope of work.

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