The high speed bullet train that would take people from San Francisco to L.A. has been met with various lawsuits regarding its intended path and funding. Recently California's Kings County Board of Supervisors tried to stop the project, accusing the Authority's plan of changing from what voters originally voted upon. While Judge Michael Kenny voted in favor of the high-speed rail project, the case may portend more problems to come.

State voters approved the Bond Act Proposition 1-A in 2008, which released $9.9 billion to the project. The lawsuit says the intended plan has already changed course and the budget will likely exceed that amount, claiming the Authority knows the high-speed rail line cannot be completed unless it receives more public funds. However, the Authority currently doesn't have a defined budget for the project. The judge ruled in their favor, essentially saying the lawsuit was preemptive but might have grounds as a budget is defined.

It is understood that the plan faces a challenge going forward in regards to financing the project in accordance with Proposition 1-A. The rail authority has yet to submit a financial plan that complies with the bond act’s requirements and until this is done, none of the Proposition 1-A bond funds can be accessed. The rail agency has been using funds from the state’s greenhouse gas reduction program and federal transportation and stimulus money.

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