The Burning Man festival is an infamous event in the middle of the Nevada desert known for attracting hippies, celebrities, and tech elite. Now, the nonprofit behind the event is looking to extend the festival's unique culture in a year-round laboratory for development.

Burning Man, the nonprofit, bought 3,800 acres of desert 21 miles north of the Burning Man festival grounds for $6.8 million. Fly Ranch, as its called, will be an incubator for culture, innovation, art, and community progress. It also has not said when construction will begin, but it definitely won't be before the end of 2016.

Burning Man says it doesn't intend to create a commune of any sorts, but the website hints that projects will focus on shelter, clean energy, environmentalism, new models of living, and other social change. Its promotional video yesterday shows aerial view of the property, ending with the words 'Welcome home.'

The nonprofit purchased the land using donor money earmarked specifically for the expansion, not money generated from the festival itself. However, if it plans to keep Fly Ranch open 365 days a year, it will likely need to adapt to a membership infrastructure, suggests Tech Insider.

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