Ceiling fans have become a mainstay of virtually every new home. But not all fans are created equal. In fact, according to some research, inefficient fans can produce so much heat from their motors that they can cause household A/C to cycle more frequently.

After five years of research, Danny Parker, at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) developed "The Gossamer Wind" ceiling fan, a high-efficiency fan that uses less electricity to move more air than traditional fans.

To get the design working, Parker sought help from a California-based company called AeroVironment, along with a Bart Hibbs, a respected Caltech physicist. Result: better propeller design. According the FSEC, the new fan will move 7 percent more air at full speed than the closest competitor, at the same time requiring only 22 percent of the electrical energy.

The fans have been picked up by Home Depot and are available now. They are sold in two models, the Hampton Bay: Callaway II, which retails for about $129.99, and the Windward II, which goes for about $179.99. The latter comes with a dimmable fluorescent light kit, which can save additional energy costs. Both models include a temperature-based remote control.

Blow by Blow

Value Emerson CF705 Emerson CF4852 Hunter Summer Breeze FSEC/AeroVironment Gossamer Wind
CFM 3,110 6,057 5,339 6,471
Watts 50.2 93.1 74.8 49.6
CFM/Watt 61.9 65.1 71.4 130.5