From CoreLogic's blog:

The evolution of building materials has made the newly constructed homes better able to withstand elements like wear and tear and weather. Man-made materials, improved insulation, smartphone thermostats, open layouts, bigger closets and three-car garages make the new homes more energy-efficient and conducive to a modern family’s lifestyle. But to some folks, the charm of an older home—with hardwood floors, wood windows and formal layouts—outweighs the modern conveniences of newer homes.

Whatever choice you make in housing style, size and age, you will find that construction materials and designs vary from home to home. Before purchasing a home, I recommend that you take time to conduct your own research by touring several homes. Then, after weighing the pros and cons of different styles and ages, decide which home best fits your family’s style preference, lifestyle and budget. Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit several new homes for sale in our neighborhood.

Because of my background in real estate and interest in construction, my first stop in each home was the basement where I began to mentally dissect the overall construction of the home. I looked at the foundation, the plumbing, the heating and the electrical systems. I also inspected the bottom side of the first floor and the insulation in the box-sill; then proceeded to the three-car attached garage where I looked at the roof’s truss system, structure and materials.

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