The NAHB Research Center recently introduced its Green Approved product seal of approval. The Green Approved mark provides third-party evidence that building products meet specific scoring criteria for homes seeking certification to the National Green Building Standard, a consensus-developed standard that was approved by ANSI in January 2009.

With third-party documentation and approval by the NAHB Research Center, the Green Approved mark indicates that a building product contributes to compliance of specific green practices for National Green Building Certification to the National Green Building Standard. (Green Approved products are not evaluated for points per the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines.) Green Approved products carry a certificate from the Research Center that identifies the specific sections of the National Green Building Standard under which the products can earn points. The Green Approved mark helps bridge the gap between manufacturers who make products that are appropriate for green building applications and builders and designers who want to use them. Green Approved products can be found through links on the Green Scoring Tool at as well as on the Green Approved products Web site (

Michael Luzier, president of the NAHB Research Center, believes Green Approved products will have a significant impact on the future of National Green Building Certification. “Having these products pre-approved for points will streamline and enhance the certification process for everyone involved, without compromising the integrity of the certification process at all. Builders and designers will be able to more easily specify products they know are eligible for certification points; verifiers will not have to seek further documentation of these products’ eligibility; and manufacturers will know their Green Approved products are being seen by builders who are serious about providing green certified homes to their customers.”

Manufacturers interested in having products become Green Approved should send a message via the Contact Us form on the NAHB Green Web site or call the National Green Building Program Hotline at 877-NAHB-GRN.