Julian Spector, an editorial fellow at CityLab, breaks down a new scorecard that rates all 50 states on two key clean energy policies: net metering and interconnection standards.

The “Freeing the Grid” scorecard is produced by the nonprofit Interstate Renewable Energy Council. Spector writes:

If you‘re mulling a rooftop solar installation (or any other kind of renewable energy project), it’s worth playing around with the report’s map. It grades on just two major criteria, but it gives a quick sense of how much of a headache to expect from the regulatory process in a given state, and how much you’ll benefit from the energy you produce.

Here’s a quick take: if you live in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma, or Tennessee, you probably want to wait for some legislative reform, because these states score F’s on both counts. If you’re a resident of California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, or Utah, though, full speed ahead: they’ve earned double aces.

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