CAMBRIDGE, MASS.–BASED media company Blue Egg has launched what it is calling the largest online business resource for sustainable building professionals.

“Green Building Blocks is the only site offering a comprehensive set of resources to help builders grow their practical green skills, showcase their work, discover green products, and find green partners,” says Patti Purcell, co-founder and president of Blue Egg.

Purcell says Blue Egg's research found that there are three recurring roadblocks builders have with green building: They can't find products, have difficulty finding other green builders, and have a hard time articulating the benefits of green building to their buyers. The site is an attempt to change that.

Launched in partnership with Building Green, is a free site with a vast compendium of information pertinent to builders and anyone interested in green building. Its directory allows builders to find other green building professionals such as architects, mortgage brokers, and HVAC contractors. It offers details on certification programs, climate regions, and building specialties. And it also updates builders on trends and lists nationwide green building events.

A sharing component of the site allows builders to upload project images and text on what makes each project green. Finally, it has a green product guide with 1,900-plus certified products and information on what makes them green, Purcell says.

“By 2040, this country will have 100 million more people, and builders will be building homes to accommodate them,” Purcell says. “We have to make sure they are using the right materials and building the right way.”

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