THE NAHB HAS DESIGNED A SET OF MODEL Green Home Building Guidelines to move environmentally friendly home building concepts further into the mainstream home building marketplace. Now, approximately 30 communities throughout the country have green home building programs in place or in development. By developing these voluntary guidelines, the NAHB intends to help facilitate the adoption of green home building practices and the formation of additional local programs in parts of the country not currently served by such programs.

To create the guidelines, the NAHB Research Center convened a group of 64 stakeholders from the home building industry that worked together in an open, public process. The Center also aided in the creation of a user guide to accompany the guidelines. The guide contains additional information for each guideline item such as its intent, implementation recommendations, and additional resources for further information.

A pilot version of the guidelines was released at the NAHB's fall board meeting in September. These guidelines were tested from October to December by the NAHB Research Center, with the assistance of a pilot testing group. The group consisted of mainstream home builders and local HBAs. Their feedback will be used to finalize the guidelines that will be released at the 2005 International Builders' Show in Orlando, Fla.

The green home building guidelines cover the following considerations:

  • Lot preparation and design;
  • Resource efficiency;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Water efficiency/conservation;
  • Occupancy comfort and indoor environmental quality;
  • Operation, maintenance, and homeowner education; and
  • Global impact.
  • Each section contains a set of provisions that explains how builders can incorporate green building concepts into their projects. Local HBAs will receive additional information and guidance on methods for customizing the guidelines to accommodate local conditions and on implementing a local green building program.

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