The Modular Lifestyles, Inc. off-grid concept tiny home under construction.

Modular Lifestyles, Inc., a California-based custom modular home builder, is currently constructing a 610 square ft., factory-built, off-grid tiny home prototype, according to Modular Lifestyles vice president Steven Lefler.

The home is being built for the purpose of presenting to California city officials, in the hope that cities will consider the setup as an option for affordable housing development, as well as a solution to homelessness and the need for shelters for battered women.

The unit comes fully equipped with ENERGY STAR electric appliances, solar roof shingles, and wiring for an electric car plug and solar battery storage. Lefler hopes that the house can be run entirely from the solar battery, eliminating the need to connect to a local power grid.

The prototype will be placed in a Modular Lifestyles community and offered for rent, Lefler says.

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