Builders can now certify their green homes to a single set of uniform standards. The NAHB National Green Building Program is proud to feature a nationally based certification program for green homes. As an accredited third-party certification agency, the NAHB Research Center has been selected as the sole certifying body for the national certification program.

The launch of the NAHB Research Center National Certification Program offers an important opportunity to builders nationwide. Homes across the country can be as different as the cities in which they are built. The national green home certification program is designed to accommodate these regional variations and green requirements. It also allows homeowners to say with confidence that their homes are green.

Building certified green homes has many advantages. Builders who promote features such as lower utility costs, easier maintenance, and better indoor air quality are seeing increased sales and profits as well as easier-to-close sales. Also, studies show that home buyers are willing to pay more for the benefits that a green home provides. And a certified green home demonstrates your commitment to the buyer, the environment, and the community. The NAHB Research Center national certification process means that it’s not just your word standing behind your product, but also the support and credibility of a national program.

The builder process for certifying a home is as follows:

  • Complete the scoring of the home to be certified by using the online green scoring tool found at

  • Export the final designer’s report to the builder’s computer as an excel file.

  • Visit and select a verifier.

  • Forward the designer’s report to the selected verifier.

  • Schedule the rough and final inspections with the verifier.

  • For a builder’s first home, contact for a Builder Agreement. This is to be signed and returned with the required insurance information.

  • Provide Lynda Marchman ( with instructions on where and how to send the green home certificate when it becomes available.

  • The builder will be in–voiced for the certification fee after the certificate is issued. The home is then added to the national registry of green homes.