The NAHB Research Center has certified its 1,000th green residential project under its National Green Building Certification Program. A single-family new home in Smyrna, Del., built by Bestfield Homes now holds the distinction of having certificate #1,000 under the certification program, which was launched at the 2008 International Builders’ Show simultaneously with the launch of NAHBGreen.

“I congratulate Bestfield on helping us mark this program milestone, and all of the dedicated builders who have helped to grow the national success of our program,” says Michael Luzier, president of the NAHB Research Center. “National Green Building Certification has been gaining traction within the residential building community and, importantly, among consumers, particularly as the program’s credibility and scope were bolstered with the introduction of the ANSI-approved National Green Building Standard just over a year ago. Our research has confirmed what we probably all knew to be true—consumers value the extra sense of security they get from knowing a home has third-party certification, and they don’t just have to take the builder’s word that their home is green.”

Scot Bradley, one of Bestfield Homes’ owners and construction manager for this project, says his company saw the intrinsic value of national certification as well. “We were anxious to dive in head first early in the development of the National Green Building Certification Program and decided to get all of our homes certified under the program. We appreciated the experience of the NAHB Research Center and were thrilled to bring JCM Environmental on board to help us with all our verification work. We are excited that the certification program is moving to having all certifications done in accordance with the National Green Building Standard, and we’re proud to be one of Delaware’s leading builders in getting our homes certified by the Research Center.”

Joseph Gordon of JCM Environmental was the accredited verifier for this project, which was the most recent of more than a dozen National Green Building Certifications Bestfield Homes has received.

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